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College Facilities


Asutosh college is the only college in South Kolkata which has hostel facilities. It has two hostel for boys & Girls located atVasa.

However, the available seats are insufficient to meet the needs of all intending boarders. Seats are allotted transparently on a strict merit-cum-distance basis.

Superintendent:  Prosun Kumar Baidya
Vill: Bhasa, PO+PS-Bishnupur, Dist- S 24 PGS,
Phone: 9002950263

Games & Sports

The college has a tent and ground at Kolkata Maidan.
It is only one of two colleges in Kolkata which has this facility.

There is also a Gymnasium in the Annexe Building.

The college football, cricket and rowing teams have won awards at various tournaments and competitions. The college has the distinction of winning the inter-collegiate knockout rowing championship for six consecutive years.

Indoor game facilities are available at the Students' Common Room. Various newspapers and magazines are also available here so that students can brush up their current information during their off-periods.


After the lapse of more than a decade, the college has reactivated its National Social Service (NSS) Unit. This will help integrate college education with the needs of its social environment.


The College has an National Cadet Corps (NCC) unit affiliated to 20 Bengal Battalion.
The process of recruitment of new cadets begins just after admissions and is concluded by August.
Interested students may approach the faculty of the department of English, main staff room.


Seminar Hall & Auditorium 

Asutosh Memorial Hall

The Asutosh Memorial Hall, which is housed in the main building, is used for numerous cultural and academic functions.

The hall is equipped with high-end audio and lighting equipments.
The hall with balcony can accommodate one thousand viewers at a time.

Seminar Hall

The college has its own well equipped Seminar Hall  located in its Annexe building where lecturers and academic workshops are held regularly.

The hall is equipped with high-end audio and projection equipments.
The hall can accommodate two hundred audiences at a time.

On Dec 23, 2008, Mr. Richard Matthew Stallman  honored us by giving a fantastic lecture on GNU, Free Softwares and Free World in this seminar hall.    View the Gallery


The college has a well-stocked library with more than 90,000 volumes, and reading room facilities.

The college actually has multiple libraries for multiple streams of study -
  • Public Library
  • College Common Library
  • Reading Room Library
  • Seminar/Departmental Library
  • Research Library
  • On-line Digital Library

The Reading Room in annexed in Annexe Building, can accommodate more than a hundred readers at a time.

The libraries are run by well trained, well educated and well experienced staffs.

There are, in addition, Seminar Libraries for the benefit of students in honors courses.
The library provides 2mbps Broadband Internet facilities.

Students' Union

Like all colleges administered according to the Calcutta University status, Asutosh College has a democratically elected Students' Union.

There is a constructive relation between the union and the administration. The general atmosphere of the college is conducive to serious study. Critical inputs are welcomed from the students' union, but the union and administration co-operate to ensure discipline. This spirit of co-operation has ensured that no workdays were lost in the last year because of student unrest.

The students' union organizes various cultural programmes and competitions, apart from the Annual Sports. It also publishes the Annual College Magazine.


The Foundation for Academic Excellence and Access (FAEA), administered by Pathways Foundation and funded by the Ford Foundation has selected the college as a benefeciary.

Details of eligibility and the quantum of financial assistance can be obtained from Prof. Debdas Ray (Geology Department).


Attendance. Students falling short of 75% attendance shall not be allowed for the University examinations at the end of the year or session.
Mobile Phone, is strictly prohibited in classrooms, library, laboratory, corridors, stairs etc. Please ensure you have your mobile phone switched off when attending any session.
No Ragging. Any Student found involved in ragging either in the college premise or in the hostel will face immediate expulsion from the college as per order of Supreme Court.
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